Gather, He is with us.

Christian Groups
Easily communicate with your small group, family, and friends. Meet and connect with other Christians in public groups around common interests. Build community through sharing Bible verses, encouragement, and prayer requests.
  • Create private groups for your weekly Bible study, family and friends, or upcoming events.
  • Create or join a public group around a specific topic, location, ministry, etc.
  • Share photos, videos, Bible verses, prayer requests, events, and more within your groups.
  • Engage with others to deepen friendships and experience community.
Interactive Feed
Post content to your feed – including prayer requests, Bible verses, videos, discussions, etc. Share your content in the public feed or only with your friends in 2or3. Interact with others around content they have posted.
  • Create your own content and share it publicly or just with your friends.
  • Find prayer requests, discussions, videos, events, and more in the public feed.
  • Explore all the posted content around trending topics.
  • Make new friends and inspire each other.
Manage Prayers
Allow others to join you in praying for specific requests in your life. Receive words of encouragement from your group members and those who have prayed for you. Mark your prayers as “Fulfilled” to share the evidence of God’s work.
  • Create prayer requests to share in your groups or publicly.
  • Pray for others and comment on their prayer requests to share your thoughts.
  • Add prayer requests to your personal “Prayer List.”
  • Interact with and encourage others as you pray together.
Bible Study
Read the Bible and share insights with your group members. Expand weekly Bible study to any day of the week. Discuss specific passages or Bible questions with others.
  • Access multiple Bible versions.
  • Share your favorite verses with your groups or in your feed.
  • Create and share Bible verse images.
  • Grow together as you study God’s Word.


Connected in Christ

Find Community

Fellowship with Friends

Encourage Others

Pray Together

Join Groups

Study the Bible

About Us
The name 2or3 comes from the truth of Matthew 18:20: "For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." 2or3 is a free social media app for Christians that first launched in January 2018.

We understand the challenge of staying connected in community in today’s world. The 2or3 app can help you to stay in daily communication with your small groups, family, and friends. In the app, you can read the Bible, share prayer requests, post content in your feed, engage in discussions, and more.

Our vision at 2or3 comes from three core values:
· Be a witness of God’s love.
· Serve small group ministries.
· Share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We hope the 2or3 app will continue to grow and be an effective tool to help Christians stay connected and experience genuine community.
Contact Us
Address:4101 McEwen Rd., Ste. 435, Farmers Branch, TX 75244