Gather, He is with us.

Christian Groups
Easily communicate with Church Ministries, organizations, and community groups at your fingertip. Connect yourself with likeminded groups where growth is fostered by sharing Bible study notes, prayer requests, and devotionals anytime, anywhere.
  • Create or join a group
  • Set the group as public or private
  • Invite your friends or family
  • Share images and videos, Bible study notes, prayer requests, and create events and polls
Coordinate Events
Explore and coordinate meetups, outdoor activities, retreats and other events within your community groups. Have fun, learn and grow with each other.
  • Create an event or explore events nearby
  • RSVP for an event
  • Share an event
  • Manage event guest lists
Manage Prayers
Allow your group to join you in praying for specific obstacles or desires in your life. Receive notifications about who prayed for you and words of encouragement from your group members. Mark prayers as fulfilled to share the evidence of God’s work.
  • Create and receive prayer requests in groups
  • Pray or comment on prayer requests to share your thoughts
  • Learn how many members prayed for you
  • Update the status of your prayer request and share with your groups
Bible Study
Expand Wednesday night Bible study to any day of the week and any time at your fingertips. Create group Bible study materials, take notes, bookmark verses, and share notes and verses with your group members.
  • Access multiple Bible versions
  • Bookmark and take notes while reading
  • Share your favorite verses and study notes
  • Grow together in Word of God


Make Your fellowship closer within God

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About Us
In the Fall of 2017 InGod Ltd founded 2or3, which is a small group app birthed from the truth of Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." At 2or3, we aspire to serve as the bridge of constant fellowship through the community of small groups.

Our vision is achieved by focusing on our three core roles which are:
· To be the greatest WITNESS of God’s LOVE
· To SERVE small group ministries.
· To SHARE the gospel of Jesus Christ.

By being constantly reminded of our purpose and the need for us to walk in purpose, we strive daily towards the creation of unity through the community of small groups.
Contact Us
Phone: 1 (888) 424-8439
Address: 4101 McEwen Rd., Ste. 435, Farmers Branch TX 75244